Before Ralph Mcquarrie… When all George Lucas had was a first draft of a script… Colin Cantwell was asked to give his best shot at conceptualizing and illustrating his ideal spaceships. After 3 days of staring at an 18×12 sheet of black paper, a design flashed into Colin’s mind. From that point on, it was merely a matter of copying down the vision that had appeared in his imagination.

These prints represent an elusive glimpse into the FOUNDATION OF MODERN SCIENCE FICTION. Colored pencil on black paper would quickly escape from the two dimensional plane and into the imaginations of millions of people around the world.

If you want a rare piece of science fiction history, look no further. These are THE FIRST SHIP DESIGNS OF ANY KIND for what became Star Wars: A New Hope. Colin would go on to CONCEPT, DESIGN & MODEL MOST OF THE SHIPS – X-wing, TIE fighter, Death Star, Y-wing, Star Destroyer, Blockade Runner & More…

Featured on high definition prints over fine art quality paper. Shipped securely and professionally in hard cardboard tubes from Colin’s personal assistant, these prints are guaranteed to amaze. They also make great gifts!

These genuine signed prints are ONLY AVAILABLE FROM THREE PLACES – This site, Vision Comics & Oddities in CO, and at live events.

More about Colin –

Besides illustrating and modeling the Death Star and other Star Wars ships, Colin Cantwell has been a major influence on some of the most powerful movies in science fiction. During his regular 3 a.m. meetings with Stanley Kubrick, Colin suggested “Also Sprake Zarathustra” as well as many of the other musical pieces that would make it into 2001: A Space Odyssey. When faced with the challenge of designing the computer graphics for War Games, Colin would solve the problem by inventing the first true color computer monitor (he took computers from 4 colors to over 4000!). Outside of film, Colin was also a vital part of the most dramatic event in modern history – the first moon landing. Colin stood only feet behind Walter Cronkite, feeding him real time data from NASA as CBS’s “Hal 9000 Computer”.

In a very real sense, the way we imagine outer space would not be the same without Colin Cantwell.

At 85, Colin is attending live events for the first time and loving it!

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Weight1 lbs
Dimensions12 x 18 x 1 in

Axis Fighter, Heavy Carrier, Monoplane Transport, Monoplane Scout, Space Battle (red), Space Battle (blue), Full Set


12×8, 18×12, 30×20


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